This wannabe one man army was upset as he discovered he is not the ultimate destroy-it-all guy. Instead, his father taught him all the tricks needed for sniping.
- Adriel's Mad Paintball description
Character Information
Gender Male
First Debut The Mad Murderer (2014 Summer Update)
Mad Paintball Statistics
Class Sniper Rifle
Life Points 40 HP
Walk Speed 13
Max Damage 30 - 80
Clip Size 1
Fire Rate 2.9 Shots/s
Requirements Martin
Character Level Total: 325
Cost 168,000 Credits
Lv25 Bonus +6% Headshot Damage
Lv50 Bonus +17% Walk Speed while scoping
Lv75 Bonus -57% Reload Duration
Lv99 Bonus +13% Headshot Damage
Jury Rigging Statistics
Did Not Debut Did Not Debut

Adriel is a character introduced in the 2014 Summer Update and a new addition to The Mad Murderer, a tier 1 character card in Mad Games and the last known non-premium character for Mad Paintball.


He is a white male with hair tied in a red headband, wears a textured white t-shirt with a red Robloxian style "A" on the left hand corner of his shirt, textured white pants and black shoes. A gray shirt is layered underneath his white t-shirt. He also has a default smile face.

Mad Paintball

Adriel is a hard-to-use sniper due to his unorthodox playstyle, including having the highest fire-rate of all snipers, and having the same maximum damage output (scoped or noscoped) regardless of range.

  • Comparing with Henry, Adriel has lower fire rate, walk speed, HP but deals higher damage, and does have scope as being a Sniper Rifle user would do.
  • Adriel is overall a very good counter-sniper which he can wipe out a barrage of Snipers with ease if used properly.

Paintball Stats

  • Adriel has high headshot damage (even on noscopes), enough to kill every single sniper in one hit, this includes Lara, except a higher-level Walther.
    • At Level 25, he can kill Cupcake in a headshot.
    • At Level 99, he can kill Beast and a higher-level Walther in a headshot.
  • Adriel has the lowest reload duration (0.3s). As putting on a 0.13s instead, he reloads the fastest among all, not counting those who seemingly have infinite ammo (Noob).
  • Adriel has the third lowest HP among all Snipers if all upgrades aren't applied, if it does, he is the second lowest HP (tied with Drew, 40 HP).
    • This means he can be killed, by Signe (if she is at full charge).
  • Adriel's projectiles are the slowest for a sniper. This means he had the lowest chance of fighting against a sniper head-to-head. 
  • Adriel has an average walk speed of a Sniper.
  • As of the stat update, Angel has the highest damage in regards of noscope damage, making him the 2nd, and Walther 3rd (though Angel and Adriel were tied 1st in regards of noscoped headshots).

Paintball Abilities

  • Adriel does not have a charge bar as a Sniper.
    • He was the only sniper without a charge bar before the character update. As of the update, Angel and Walt also have this feature.
  • Adriel is the second, and the last person who does not unscope while reloading.
    • The first one to attain this feature is Axel, which is currently unavailable.


  • He can be seen in Mad Games when Tile Smasher is starting.
  • His look is most likely a reference, or based off of The Karate Kid (1984)'s "Daniel LaRusso."
  • Adriel's paintball portrait shows him holding the Soldiers' knife from the Mad Murderer.
  • Adriel has a unique firing sound, taken from the original Roblox Paintball Gun. Other characters have a higher-pitched version of this sound.
  • Adriel's old stats were at HP of 100, Walk Speed of 13, max damage of 50-130 (even at noscopes), fire rate of .4 shots/s, and does unscope while reloading before the character stats update.
  • It's possible the reload reduction upgrade was to allow Adriel to scope back in quicker, as around in the character stats update, before characters finally changed. He unscoped upon shooting, with his of course fixed fire rate.
  • In Mad Paintball, Adriel's portrait comes the closest to referencing The Mad Murderer, Due to the Fact he is shown Wielding a Knife. (Even if it's not directly referencing TMM.)
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