Anna tp

Anna's original look

Anna is a character introduced in the 2014 Summer Update and a new addition to The Mad Murderer, later appearing as a shotgun class character in Mad Paintball and as a tier 2 character card in Mad Games.


She is a hipster-like female, dressed in a hat, shutter shades, a silver shirt, checkered belt, gray shorts, bracelets on both of her arms and tattoo on her back. She is Flinn's sister.



Anna's in-game look

  • Originally she had "Mr. Chuckles" face, but due to decal naming error, her face appears as default roblox face.
  • Anna was removed in the Christmas Update and was brought back in the Old Merge Update.
  • Anna's description in Mad Paintball says she often witnesses crimes.
  • Anna was contributed by JaggedDiamond.
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