Audio JR
 is a secret character in Jury Rigging, and is a Tier 4 character in Mad Games.


Audio wears a Purple Tank Top With Black Jacket. She wears purple shorts and pearl shoes. Right arm sports a bracelet with black baubles and left arm has smaller, silver-studded bracelet. She has White Beanie with Galaxy Hair, galactic headphones and magenta speakerphones. A butterfly appears on her left cheek. Music can be heard when Audio is nearby.


"Once upon a time, scientist with special love towards music decided to design himself a personalized .mp3 player. He overdid it a bit, and designed an android with two speakers on her head. Thus, Audio was born."


Audio was voice acted by DetonatedSilver .


  • She can be unlocked by acquiring "Stereophonic" badge. To achieve the badge, simply give Nikki the dual revolvers.
Audio (Decal)

Mad Games Audio Character card

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