Dennis tp
Dennis is one of the original characters from The Mad Murderer, and is a Tier 1 character in Mad Games.


Dennis has a grey skater hat and shaggy brown hair, wears a red Christmas-like sweater, a gold chain necklace, a black backpack, black pants, and red and black shoes with the logo "OSIRIS". Dennis has the "Heeeeeey..." face.

Dennis is mostly noted for his relationship with Julie.

Dennis mpb

The official MPB portrait of Dennis


  • In Dennis' Mad Paintball portrait, Julie is seen hiding in the rocks holding a camera.
  • Dennis was removed in the XMAS Update, but added back in the Old Merge Update.
  • According to his Mad Paintball description, it is said he would always protect Julie.
  • Dennis also appears in Mad Paintball and Jury Rigging.
  • There appears to be several "Dennis x Julie" appearances. Some examples may include:
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