No challenge too difficult to her, temptations of thrill too alluring to skip. Ella is a secret agent who takes any daring job offered!
- Ella's Jury Rigging description

Ella is a craftable character in Jury Rigging and a tier 4 character card in Mad Games.


Ella wears a leather jacket with short sleeves over a cleavage-revealing gray crop top, a pair of elbow guards, black shorts with a red pocket on for a gas mask on the back side, black shoes, a black wrist band around her left arm, black fingerless gloves and a pair of sunglasses. She has white medium length hair and slightly tanned skin.


  • She is holding a Colt pistol in both of her hands in her character card icon.
  • Although censored from her Jury Rigging and slightly obscured from her character card icon, her cleavage lines are clearly visible on all her in-game models.
  • In Jury Rigging, her taunt quote was originally intended for Skyler, which is why her taunt line displays different emotion compared to the rest of her lines.
  • Ella's shades, outfit and hair are available in Mad Paintball 2, as Tier 1 accessory, Tier 3 outfit, and Tier 3 accessory, respectively.


Ella was voice acted by PrincessSkyler. She has a rough and confident tone.

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