Gordon is one of the original characters from The Mad Murderer, and is a Tier 3 character in Mad Games.

Gordon resembles the video game character Gordon Freeman from the popular series Half-Life. 


He wears a full HEV suit worn by some scientists in Half-Life - an orange/golden armor hazard suit, with a Lambda symbol at the chest, and with the Martian Deathtrooper helmet.

Unfortunately, it doesn't grant defensive bonuses in TMM.


  • Removing his mask will reveal that he has the Stare face, like Nick. This only applies to him in TMM.
  • Gordon also appears in Mad Paintball.
  • Many confuse Gordon as a HALO character.
  • Gordon's portrait also appears in Mad Games in the remastered version of the Original Office.
  • He was one of the five only playable characters not removed in the XMAS Update. The others being Tom, Rick, Jack, and Axel.
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