Gordon mpb

Gordon mpb(Old)


Character stats
Class Minigun
Life Points 330 HP
Walk Speed 10.5
Max Damage 15
Clip Size 150
Fire Rate 18 Shots/s
Requirements Premium Character
Cost 1,000 Robux

Level 25

  • +6% Firing Rate

Level 50

  • +14% Maximum Distance

Level 75

  • +5% Walk Speed

Level 99

  • +100% Health Recovery

Gordon is an Premium minigun class character in Mad Paintball.


Gordon resembles the video game character Gordon Freeman from the popular series Half-Life. 

He wears a full HEV suit worn by some scientists in Half-Life - an orange/golden armor hazard suit, with a Lambda symbol at the chest, with a grey and orange helmet.

Paintball Abilities

  • Gordon has weak damage with massive clip size.
  • He has slowest health regeneration of all characters (1.875 every 3 seconds).
  • PATIENCE IS KEY! Because of Gordon's slow reload and health recovery, taking cover for long periods of time is not a bad idea.
  • At level 0 he has the same speed as Jack but after level 50 he has the same speed as Dennis.
  • His fire rate is very fast and it is further increased at level 25.
  • Since he has a massive clip size his fast fire rate doesn't empty his clip size too fast.
  • Has really long reload which could make him vulnerable to other players when in an open area where players can get a good aim at him.
  • His unique trait is his extremely high health - way above the maximum damage of most snipers.
    • Gordon also, in-fact, has the highest Max Health in Mad Paintball.
  • The following snipers can still kill him in one shot, but have at least one condition to it:
    • Flinn's charge and reload time are extremely slow; his scope is sensitive, making aiming for Gordon's head quite difficult. His health is also weak, meaning that he is vulnerable to be killed in one shot as well.
    • Keith's walkspeed when scoped in is slow, which means he can't adjust his position fast enough to land a headshot on Gordon, giving Gordon some time to hide. He also requires an almost full charge before his damage starts to rise, which takes 3 seconds to fill.
    • Red has no flaws, but he costs 3,000 R$, so you won't see him often.


"Gordon doesn't talk much, but you can tell he has already seen more than any one man is supposed to. Strapped in hazardous environmental protective suit, paintballs won't hurt him much."


  • Gordon also appears in the game the Mad Murderer.
  • Gordon has another removed portrait for testing.
  • Gordon's Mad Paintball profile picture depicts him holding the Roblox Gravity Gun gear and a crowbar.
  • Gordon's portrait also appears in Mad Games in the remastered version of the Original Office.
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