Hans mpb


Character stats
Class Shotgun
Life Points 165
Walk Speed 13
Max Damage 144-180
Clip Size 12
Fire Rate 2.5 Shots/s
Requirements Premium Character
Cost 900 Robux

Level 25

  • +6% Life Points

Level 50

  • -12% Reload Duration

Level 75

  • +12% Accuracy

Level 99

  • +25% Clip Size

Hans is a Premium shotgun class character in Mad Paintball.


He wears a Charming Brown Wig, Black Aviator Glasses, a Brown Beard, the Sigmund face, a tan vest over a white buttoned shirt with a black tie, and tan slacks.

Paintball Abilities

  • Hans shoots 6 bullets per shot.
  • He has decent accuracy like other shotgunners.
  • His weapon reloads slower than other shotgunners.
  • His range is not too good, leaving him vulnerable against targets in long distance.
  • His high HP and high damage allow him to shrug off attacks of other people in his class, finishing them off with one or more shots, and quickly killing mini-gun class characters with several shots.


"Hans lost his hair tragically in a shampoo accident and later became a bouncer, where he still works today."

Gameplay Tips

  • As he can't catch faster classes to maintain his effective range, he should seek for places to ambush them. Doorways or corners, such as flag rooms in the Turbine map, are certain key-points for Hans to defend.
  • When playing defensively, Hans has an advantage over mini-gun characters that are usually tasked for this role due to his shotgun damage burst. Hans can kill weak, fast classes in one shot, many of them in a row if conditions are met, barely giving them chances to fight back.
    • If the attackers are able to survive or evade Hans' attack(s), Hans quickly loses his defensive advantage over mini-gun characters.
  • On the open, Hans is quite a sitting duck. Like mini-gunners doing the offensive task, it might be wise to advance using alternate detour routes where he is less likely to meet opponents who out-range him.


  • Hans has a unique firing sound, that closely resembles Nick's & Ben's.
  • Before the December update, Hans had a fire rate of 1.8, making him one of the least changed premium characters.
  • Hans also appears in the Mad Murderer.
  • Hans has the highest HP in the Shotgun Class.
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