Some attributes
First Female
Second Crush on Dennis
Third Hates Summer due to she is crush on Dennis
Other attributes

Julie is one of the original characters of The Mad Murderer, and is a Tier 1 character in Mad Games.

Appearance / Standard Information

Julie is a Canadian girl with a Canadian beanie, Nerd Glasses, Cinnamon Hair, a red and white shirt with three black bracelets, ripped light blue jeans, and grey UGGs. Julie has the "Mr Chuckles" face.

Julie is known for dating Dennis, as well as her rivalry with Summer.


  • She is currently dating Dennis, and developed a crush on him long before the game was released to the public.
  • Julie stalked Dennis before they were dating.
  • In a Mad Paintball map, Julie has a hide-out, where she has pictures of Dennis and a picture of Summer with a knife through it, stating she hates Summer.
  • Julie, by these actions, is proven to be boy crazy. She is in deep love with Dennis.
  • Julie is the older sister of Lara.
  • Julie is seen on a billboard in The Mad Murderer's Plaza map, with Dennis, saying "Den and Jul: The Love Tale". With Julie holding the gun, and Dennis holding the knife. This is also on a poster, in the Bargain books store.
    • This same sign can be seen in the Pool Map in Mad Games.
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