The Laser rifle is a rare weapon drop in Darkness 2. It does significant damage and has relatively fast rate of fire, resulting in great damage per second. It has perfect accuracy, but slow reload.


  • Damage: 20-23
  • Rate of Fire: 3,3 shots per second
  • Reload time: 4 seconds
  • Ammo per reload: 10
  • Ammo reserve: 5

(i am looking at game code here but i don't understand. please check in-game data for ammo stats)

Laser Rifle stats


Some attributes
First Unknown
Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes


| title         = Laser Rifle
| image         =D2LR.jpg
| imagewidth    = 100
| imagecaption  = 
| Damage        = 20-23
| Fire Rate     = 3,3 shots/sec
| Reload Time   = 4 sec


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