This is a list of all items that can be obtained in Jury Rigging.


Image Metal tube Strange Seeds Gunpowder Wooden Planks Wisp Nuts n' Bolts
Name Metal Tubes Strange Seeds Gunpowder Bags Wooden Planks Wisps Nuts n' Bolts
Availability Common Common Common Common Rare
Cloth stacks Rolling Stone Spices Armour plates Crystal Water bottle Coil
Cloth Stacks Common Stones Jars of Spices

Armour Plates

Crystal Shards Water Bottles Rolls of Coils
Common Uncommon Uncommon Rare
Chemical Batteries Paper Lightbulb Bones Bloxikin
Chemical Bottles Batteries Stacks of Paper Light Sources Bones Bloxikin
Rare Very rare

Craftable Items

Image Item Ingredients

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