Having problems in the battlefield? Blame John Shedletsky.
- Shedletsky's Mad Paintball description

Shedletsky mpb

Shedletsky True

Character stats
Class Rifle
Life Points 160 HP
Walk Speed 15
Max Damage 33-38
Clip Size 25
Fire Rate 3.1 Shots/s
Requirements Starter
Cost 60,000 Credits, 200 Robux

Level 25

  • +3% Life Points
  • +3% Walk Speed

Level 50

  • +3% Body Damage
  • +3% Headshot Damage

Level 75

  • +3% Body Damage
  • +3% Headshot Damage

Level 99

  • +6% Body Damage
  • +5% Headshot Damage

John Shedletsky, appearing instead as Shedletsky, is an unlockable rifle class character in Mad Paintball, and a Tier 3 character in Mad Games.


He is a yellow male with messy grey and brown hair, blue swimtrunks, and a white shirt with another old version of John Shedletsky design on it saying "Blame John" on the front and "Remember that time when I totally pwned you in SFOTH?" on the back.

Shedletsky wears the Epic face.

His appearance is based on an old look of John Shedletsky.

Paintball Abilities

  • Shedletsky's fire rate is below average.
  • His bullets are just as accurate as other rifles.
  • He has average health with normal health recovery.
  • Very slow reload.
  • He has great damage, dealing up to 38 when level 0. This makes him good for taking out low health classes easily, considering him as an ambush character in some situations.
  • Almost all his level up bonuses increase his damage except for the first one which increases his speed and health stats.


  • He was one of the three premium characters when Mad Paintball was in its early stage, along with Tyler and Beast. He cost 700 Robux.
  • Shedletsky once had 2.8 fire rate & 135 health, but got changed during the December update.
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