The Mad Murderer 2 is a new murder game by the Mad Studio. It is a sequel to the original game.


The most notable differences in comparison to common games of the genre are the tweaks made to the knife and the gun. Instead of unlimited throwing knives triggered by holding down the left mouse key, the murderer must collect "ammo" by killing other players (or by purcasing a knife bag) in order to toggle a separate throwing mode on. The gun has a timer now, so holding the gun too long will cause it to be dropped into the dedicated gun spawn zones and becomes unable to be picked up by the same player until someone else touches it, a certain amount of time has passed, or other remaining survivors are eliminated (in which case the time limit will also be removed). The murderer may enter certain areas that are off-limits to all other players, such as vents in the new Office map. Each map has also some breakable objects that can be broken by attacking them with the knife or the gun, although a few objects are exclusively affected by the knife.

Purple orbs with a white letter "M" inside spawn all across the maps. Collecting 8 of these "mad orbs" in a round will reward player with a locked chest among other rewards at the end of the round. Murdering victims as the murderer will grant 1 free orb per kill, and player will earn instant 8 orbs by winning the round as a murderer or shooting the murderer as a sheriff. Failing to collect enough orbs may occasionally be compensated by instantly refilling the orb collection status in the endgame card, once every hour or so if vacant chest slots are present. The chests can be opened by waiting for the timer on the chest to run out or by spending certain amount of rubies on it. The required amount of rubies to open a chest varies depending on the quality of the chest and remaining time before it would unlock on its own. Each chest contains a varying amount of coins and sometimes crafting materials.

Currently, the crafting system in the game has three options: Recycle, Trade-up and Unobtainium. Recycle option allows consuming any three diamond tier items to re-roll a diamond crate from the weapon shop. Trade-up option allows spending the crystals earned from chests to combine a set amount of knife or gun skins from the same tier to produce a single weapon from the respective weapon type but one tier higher in quality. The Unobtainium option allows combining a full set of special number knives or guns into one unobtainium tier weapon of the same weapon category. Each unobtainium weapon has a unique serial number and will not stack with duplicates in the player's inventory.

The Mad Murderer 2 also features a trading system, which allows freely trading weapon skins, crafting materials and ruby currency with other players. A vital feature for players wishing to create unobtainium skins: attempting to acquire the required number weapons alone would take lots of money and dedication.

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